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Welcome To Your Outsourced Marketing Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help new and existing local businesses build their web presence and support their growth.

Our Values

We value experience, teamwork & leadership. Our team has years of expertise that we can tap into.

Our Culture

We survive and thrive by having a diverse ecosystem. Our team consists of the best and the brightest, "no biases allowed".

Melissa Ambrose

Founder and Partner

Melissa Ambrose

A Little Girl who never backed down. 

Melissa conceived Acorn To Oak Media Group as a business incubator. She specializes in developing and implementing media strategies for start-ups and companies poised for growth that take them to the next level. Melissa has tremendous hands-on experience in marketing, media buying, ad sales, financial services firms, business management, and business ownership. But what she brings most to the table is her roll-up-your-sleeves mentality. All of those things are reflected in the successful outcomes of our clients.

"Our Partners' Success is Our Ultimate Goal."

Acorns, rolling up their sleeves, every day….

Operations Manager

Sheila Klemm

An Outside-The-Box Creator & Pioneer. 

Sheila is our Social Media and Campaign Operations Manager with a passion for enhancing brand visibility and engagement. With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving social media landscape, Sheila combines creativity and strategic insight to develop compelling content and campaigns. She brings a wealth of experience in curating and managing content across various social media channels, from crafting impactful posts to implementing targeted advertising strategies, Sheila stays attuned to emerging trends to keep brands ahead in the digital realm.

Oak Trees Don't Grow Overnight.

It takes time and dedication to maintain a consistent presence with your desired audience on every step of their customer journey. Cut through the weeds and become the formidable Mighty Oak you are destined to be.

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