OTT & CTV Advertising

OTT & CTV Advertising

We offer advanced OTT/CTV cookie-less audience targeting, allowing our clients to connect to people via streaming devices across 80MM U.S. households. Your spots will be featured on Publisher Direct, full-episode streaming TV placements.

We’re able to deliver on the most complex OTT/CTV campaigns with ease, particularly local campaigns with advanced targeting requirements and short flight dates.

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CTV Brings More Localization and Personalization To Your Ad Campaigns


CTV advertising can be used for local targeting by targeting specific geographic areas through the use of device-level geolocation technology. This technology allows advertisers to pinpoint the exact location of viewers in order to deliver their ads to a specific audience. By using this technology, advertisers can target their ads to viewers in a particular city, state, or even zip code. This allows for more precise targeting of customers that are more likely to be interested in the advertiser’s product or service.

Where Are Your Customers?
Why should I advertise on OTT?

OTT advertising offers a new way to connect with your target audience, combining the benefits of digital advertising (e.g. more pinpointed targeting, more granular real-time reporting) with the power of building brand awareness and, increasingly, the reach associated with traditional TV advertising. Your business has the potential to target ads by geographic, demographic, and psychographic characteristics. Similar to other forms of digital advertising, you can see clear results on your ad campaigns through rich analytics. SmartyAds makes another great point in that, through OTT media, consumers can do little to avoid ads. It is much harder to skip or remove advertisements compared to things like web browser ads.