Search-Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search-Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Adwords pay-per-click marketing is a great way to get guaranteed traffic to your website. We suggest starting with a small geography. Once we have perfected our cost per sale within a local geography, we can expand the campaign to a wider audience. 

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Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing allows you to follow every visitor to your website for 30 days. Re-marketing also lets you display 14 different banner ads to individuals who have visited your site in the last 30 days. These ads are shown across several popular local and national sites. This will help to reinforce your brand and bring you highly qualified return Web traffic. This is the most cost-effective form of Internet advertising available and will most likely use only a fraction of your AdWords budget each month. This does require you to have a minimum of 150 visitors per month to run ads, but we’ve got you covered on that. Our re-marketing ads could feature an offer to get users who have left the site to return and make a purchase! You pay nothing unless the prospects click on the ad and come back to your website. 

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Google Paid Placement Ads

Google Paid Placement Ads are image ads that can be placed on major news and information sites and can be targeted as specific as a zip code. This means that we can advertise on major sites but only show your ads to people in local zip codes. We can also target the local news and informational Websites that your prospective customers are visiting. You pay nothing unless the prospects clicks on the ad and come to your website! We can even target individuals based on their content consumption so that we are targeting a more granular audience.